It must be love

It must be love.

I am lucky to have my girlfriend.  I know this to be a fact, as she tells me so regularly!   (Sorry Jen. )

Anyway, to be serious for a second, she was off shopping with a friend in IKEA the other day as saw something with my name on it – literally.

A laptop table called Dave!  I mean how cool is that?  (If you happen to be called Dave of course…)

Even though I have proper workstation in a home office upstairs I tend to do the majority of my writing on my laptop at the moment.  It is a habit I got into while ill and it will probably continue a fair while as it has forced me to get used to the keyboard etc.  So now you know on what my laptop rests and very comfortable it is too.

By the way dear reader, yes she was out shopping but no wallets were hurt in this production.  She paid for it herself as I am a poor writer with no income remember?

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