Chess clothing?

Chess clothing?  Say what?

For anyone that has never heard of such a thing I assure you it exists.  Although chess clothing is not quite the same thing as clothing for many other sports eg Karate.

I tend to prefer to dress casually, T-shirt and jeans type casual if I am given my choice, although I do possess three suits and some other “normal” clothing.  Every now and again my girlfriend looks at my *ahem* selection of clothing and goes mental; telling me that some treasured family heirlooms t-shirts and other stuff must be thrown out.

As I suspect that she has a better grip on this thing called “social reality” than I do, I tend to give in and jettison some clothing on condition I can replace it like for like.  It was under this detente process that I recently went looking for new t-shirts and came across a really great website called Endgame Clothing.

I am 6’5” and pretty long in the body for my height so sometimes t-shirts resemble belly tops on me, especially after a few washes.  For this reason I e-mailed the company to enquire about length, received a polite reply and have since placed my order. Although it is quite unbecoming for a guy at 40+ to be excited by such an order I admit that I am…a little.  The t-shirts look really good and most American T’s I have bought last really well, not at all like the low quality stuff generally sold in the UK (2-3 washes and throw it away as it is so far out of shape).

I ordered four T’s but to save space here is an image of one of them:

When they arrive from the US I will post again and let you know if I am still as impressed.

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