Become a Writer

When I talk to people and they find out I write, one the first questions they ask is either “How did you become a writer?” or “How do I become a writer?”

I want to give a full and helpful answer to the second question, although I admit this might actually be writers’ laziness.  The reason being that, once the pages are up, when people ask the question again I can just send them to this page!

This root-page and its sub-pages will no doubt change a fair bit over coming weeks, but I will try to make them as helpful as possible.  Check back every week or so for updates.

In the meantime, be cheered by this simple thought: a writer is someone who writes.

If you write, you are already a writer.  Skill, inspiration, or penmanship, call it what you will, comes later.  Write for the love of writing and read as much as you can.

I wish you every success in your writing career.

Dave Felton

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