About: Dave Felton

DJFelton.com is currently a blog by a forty something English guy who is learning to become a successful writer. Will he get there?  If I keep writing and you keep reading, maybe he will!

Initially I thought that getting a domain in my own name was a bit egotistical and so I avoided it.  What changed my mind on this issue was learning that many publishing houses expect authors to help publicise their own works and a website is frequently part of that effort.

It is my intention to get a novel published at some time in the future and so acquiring the website/domain name now seemed like a good idea, at least it seemed far better than having to pay the inflated price offered by a cybersquatter or fight a court battle. 🙂

What better name for a website than the name of the author of the book(s)?

A blog also serves a few other useful purposes:

  • It gives me an incentive to write something regularly
  • It presents an opportunity to share learning experiences along the way
  • It might allow for meeting new people of similar interests, even if only in a “cyberworld”

So, for the time being, here is my site; presented as a blog.

Thus, the journey begins and who knows where it will end?

Dave Felton

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