Online Instructional Videos about Writing

Writing can be a lonely activity.  You basically work alone even if you can generate your inspiration from others.  I guess this is why a lot of writers do Creative Writing courses or join writing circles or similar.  Although I am a quiet person, I guess in this desire for similar minded company I am no different.  What could be better than spending time on a Creative Writing course, with others of similar mind and actually improving my writing?

The only problem I have at the moment is actually finding one!  At this time of year the academic courses have already taken their intake and, as yet, I can’t find a local social course.  For this reason I have been looking on the internet and while doing so I came across:

This is a writers class, given by a published writer, in video format.


So far I am really enjoying the material and it is a nice substitute until I can find a real world class.


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