Stephen King on writing and becoming a writer

On this blog I recently reviewed Stephen King’s book, “On Writing”.  In that review I mentioned some of the attitudes he has towards writing and writers.

It occurred to me after writing that blog post that maybe some of my readers might care to hear the words from the man himself.  So here are a few YouTube videos of Stephen expressing himself on the subject.

There were some truly funny comments in that video and if you just clicked past it you missed some great stuff for any aspiring writer!

Where does Stephen King get his ideas for novels from?

Another good video, with admittedly slightly iffy sound/picture quality.

And finally, probably the best, although it is from a commercial source and so is cut short.

Stephen talking about novels, short story writing and the problems of writing them.

Did you know that Misery and Gerald’s Game were originally conceived of as short stories?  It seems that he finds a problem writing short stories now, as since he became a full time professional writer his mind has become conditioned to writing longer material.

Stephen King is a modern master craftsman of the writing profession.  He proves that it not just possible to make money from writing but that it is also possible to become exceedingly rich.  While it may not be likely for everyone to be this successful, I find it useful to hear those that have been exceptionally successful speak about their subject.

Maybe some of the “stardust” will rub off?

Dave Felton

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