Article Acceptance!

Good News!

I just had an article accepted by  It was my first submission to them as well.

Right now I am really happy!

Don’t laugh, beloved reader, but writers are simple minded creatures at heart and it is a truly great feeling when an editor accepts an article.  The article has to pass through two sets of editorial assessment in order to be published on this site and so it is doubly nice to hear that it was accepted first time.

The article is about a personal bugbear of mine; the fact that science fiction (SF) is not considered to be “serious literature” by many.  You can read the article here:

SF has truly changed the world through the stimulation of ideas in the minds of its audience.  The article only lists a few of these instances, but I thought it was better to keep it short and to the point.

Where SF is concerned I am not a “true believer” or some kind of zealot.  It is a justified criticism to say that much SF is indeed sub-standard writing.  Furthermore some quite famous writers have suffered quite badly in their ability to develop characters, especially female characters.

These faults withstanding, it is still totally wrong to write off an entire genre because of the failings of the few.

Anyway, I will not spoil a great piece of news by ranting on my soapbox.

My article also gained me “expert author” status with the site too.  A nice bonus and another step towards becoming a professional writer.

Do you Heart, too?

Do you Heart, too?

I love right now…and I hope you do too.

Dave Felton

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