Good Days, Bad Daze

No, the title isn’t a typo.  When I started this blog I promised I would try and tell the good and the bad.  The last few days have had both qualities.  I guess these kinds of days are what folk mean when they say “writing is hard work” or “you need persistence to be successful”.

Obviously (if you click the “Become a Writer” section) I am still having problems making this site work as I would like.  This is an almost personal slight as I am certain a true php/css professional could sort it out in about 30 seconds.  However, at some point you have to let things go and in my current slightly dazed state I have reached that point.  If I cannot fix it in the next few days I will find another way of listing these pages.  Searching the web for a solution has already taken up too much time.

Still, the capes and cowls website is now working fine, apart from one defective link.  My web-heading looks like it can come to temporary end!  Woohoo!

Happily, it is time to write some fiction again…

A few days ago I posted to say that I had an article about science fiction listed in one of the online directories and was pleased about that.  Well, I now have a second article up at about fictional character development.  This is less of a big deal as I don’t think the articles are reviewed by a human, but I could be wrong.

Here is a taster of the article:

Creating Effective Characters

Do you wonder how to add depth and reader interest to the characters in your writing?

“Characterization is integral to the theatrical experience”, Robert Ludlum.

A good story creates an emotional bond between the characters on the page and the reader. Effective characterisation makes the reader care about what happens in the next scene and ensures those pages keep turning.

The whole article is called “Developing Effective Characters” and is aimed at a beginning author.

It is always nice to see your name on a website that you aren’t paying the hosting bills for! 🙂

Dave Felton.

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