Endgame Chess T-Shirts (final part)

First of all a big “Thank you” to British Customs and The Royal Mail, who between them delayed half of my order by well over a week and then charged me for the privilege!

I don’t mind the VAT on the item, even though, bizarrely, the package apparently wouldn’t have been eligible for it if the T-shirts had been sent separately.  (If you intend to place an order for more than one T-shirt, email John and ask for separate delivery.)  How Royal Mail can charge an extra £8, in addition to the VAT, to deliver a parcel well over week late I have no idea though…

Anyway, all four are now here and I am a happy man.

What were the final two?  Horsey and Wandering King (my girlfriends favourite).


Roll on having enough time to go back to chess club!

Dave Felton

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