The Importance of Persistence

When I started this blog, for *ahem* a second time, I made a pact with myself to stick at it.  The plan was to make one post a day for the whole of February.  As you can see from the calendar this hasn’t happened.

Many professional writers offer advice on the importance of persistence and I can see why it could be important for the feckless personality (meaning myself here!) that would want to be a writer.  Unfortunately, sometimes nature steps into things and she will not be denied.  On the night of the 14th my previous ill health made a brief reappearance and while it wasn’t anything serious, it was enough to cause some concern and a sleepless night.  This meant that yesterdays post did not appear as I spent most of the day recovering from the events of the previous night.

As I may not have control over when I post, what I will do instead, is post another two today, as well as this one.  Thus honoring persistence even if I cannot honor my planned scheduling.

A good thing about writing articles for the web is that WordPress has the ability to schedule blog post releases.  I guess I should write more articles in advance.  Lesson learned.

Dave Felton

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