Writing for money

Of late, I have been writing under the assumption that a professional writer writes for money.  Not exactly astounding is it?  Actually, yes it is.  It turns out many writers do not make money from writing and I have long been one of them.  I dream of becoming a professional writer, where my income from writing could replace any income from a “normal job”, so what have I been doing wrong?

Unfortunately, most of my previous writing has not been produced with an eye to making money.  In short, my writing was a hobby.  While there is nothing wrong with writing for pleasure, surely you can write mostly the same things and write for profit?

Well, I have now started out on the road to see if I can make money from writing articles for the web and still enjoy it.  It is early days but it has been fun so far.  I am once again the proud owner of an Adsense account and have also signed up for Kontera inline ads and a few other services that should help me “monetise” my writing.  And yes, “monetise” was in quotes as I view it as a contemptible phrase used by internet marketers, such as myself!

If you are feeling brave then my first attempt at a hubpage is now in existence at http://hubpages.com/hub/What-is-Chess and you might want to take a look at my personal profile in my Conflagrant persona also.  The plan is to take part in the 30 pages in 30 days challenge on hubpages.com and see if I can make a small amount of regular income as well.

Why am I writing in a persona?  Well, originally I opened the account under this name as I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to be publically associated with writing hubpages primarily for cash.  Then I got real, realised that I am not Stephen King and just got on with it.  At some point I will open another hubpage.com account and write under my real name, but for now Conflagrant can have his fun.

Dave Felton

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