Endgame Chess T-Shirts (part one)

My order for the Endgame chess t-shirts arrived today.  Well, at least two of them did, along with a nice hand written comment from the John (owner of Endgame).  Since I only ordered on the 5th of February, this is pretty good for a delivery to the UK from the US.  I guess the other two t-shirts will arrive tomorrow.

The two t-shirts that arrived were:

Pieces Fall

Wandering King

Wandering King

I am impressed by the quality of the printing on the t-shirts.  The material is lighter than I expected (my fault) but is not flimsy, so I have high hopes for the future durability of them.  It is also a good sign that the chest area is one piece and not two, so they won’t twist out of shape when washed.

They are both XXL as I was concerned about finding a t-shirt that would be long enough as I am 6’5 and quite long in the body.

In case you are wondering, they fit great!

It will be great to wear something that looks good and has a chess theme.  Many people see chess as “geeky” and so it is nice to have a t-shirt that definitely is “cool”.  It is a shame that the first person to see them will probably be my doctor!

As only two of the t-shirts have currently arrived I will cut this post short and will post more when the rest get here.


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