Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Dave Felton, I am a forty-something year old writer wannabee.  This is my blog.

Hello and welcome.

So, now we have the formal bit out of the way lets get down to business.  Why should you care?  I mean, there are many blogs you could read if you so chose; why read this one?  What’s it all about?

My plan, if there ever really was one, is to share some of the experiences that go into being a writer. The good and the bad.  Perhaps sharing these experiences could help others?  At the very least it should be good personal psychotherapy, if a little public!

One aspect of sharing these experiences that already springs to mind is that in learning to improve my writing I have read a large number of books on the subject. The Amazon.com reviews of these books seem to be always glowing, even if the book actually stinks and is almost useless. While I don’t think it is appropriate for me to criticise these poorer works, I can with clean conscience point out those books I have read and used that were genuinely helpful.

No doubt other purposes for this site will come up in due time but for now this is at least a useful start.


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